TEDx Workshop Series & Youth TEDx’s

Community Building / Video Production / Event Management / Non-Profit Programs

Grow the TEDx community in Tunisia in a sustainable way and engage more young people in a conversation of ideas.


Lead a series of 10 youth workshops for 50 young Tunisians that covered aspects of running a TEDx event, including hard skills like technical and financial expertise, and soft skills like team management and leadership techniques.


5 new youth-led TEDx events, selected from a youth proposal competition conducted at the culmination of the workshop series, including: TEDxESPRIT: “Education Reform,” TEDxSadikiCollege: “Find Your Way,” TEDxIHECCarthage: “Dare,” TEDxENAU: “Pushing the Limits,” and TEDxLPM8: “Aspire to Inspire.”